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Show #14 – Gun Control

This marks the return of the Whole Nuther Story podcast which disappeared 4 years ago when the server on which it lived was destroyed. Last week a nearly intact copy of the whole site was discovered and restored to active duty. Today I discovered that an episode #14 had been sitting on my hard drive, nearly completed, since late July of 2012. Here it is in all it’s timeless glory.

This show also marks the return of the very first guest announcer, Mike Yusi of UC Radio

We’re Baaack…

It’s a whole nuther long story, but this website, after only about a year of existence, disappeared in early 2011 because an internet hosting service named “InMotionHosting” lost a giant server full of data that included this website & podcast, during “routine maintenance”. “We do sincerely apologize for the headache and frustration for the loss of your website. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.” They had no back-up. Said it was my fault for trusting them. So all was lost. That is, until a day ago when I realized that the whole thing still existed on the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive. I was able to gather up enough of it to re-create my lost website and podcast in just a few hours. I’m tickled pink to be picking up where I left off. Strangely enough though, I left off at Show #13 which was eerily prescient of our current alt-reality. It won’t be that hard to re-start the engines and produce some new shows. And so I give you (back) A Whole Nuther Story

Whole Nuther Story #13

The unlucky number thirteen is guest announced by Mr. Ed Ovett of the popular podcast “Ed’s Mixed Bag“.

(Originally published January 21, 2011)

Show #12 – What Hath We Wrought?

This show’s guest announcer is the lovely and talented Merlin Mann creator of 43 Folders and Back To Work

(Originally published December 29, 2010)

Show #11 – U.S. Education

The sorry state of education in this country…

Guest announcer on this episode is pilot/podcaster/NPR Radio personality Joe d’Eon of Fly With Me
(Originally published September 4, 2010)

Show #10 – Please Forward

Guest announcer for at least part of this episode was the mayor of Bluegrass… Wichita Rutherford

(Originally published April 6, 2010)

Show #9 – Stick A Fork In It

Music heard in this show…
Guest announcer on this episode is the second half of “Dawn & Drew” – Drew Domkus

(Originally published March 31, 2010)

Show #8 – Modern Medicine

What do you mean? You’re not in the mood? These tubs cost me a fortune!

Guest announcer on this episode is everybody’s “homefry” C.C. Chapman

(Originally published March 26, 2010)

Show #7 – Potty Humor

Music on this show by Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

This show’s guest host is the sultry Anji Bee of “The Chillcast”

Anji Bee places a “lip-lock” on P-Dub

(Originally published March 16, 2010)

Show #6 – The Idiot Elite

Americans seem to love disrespecting those more educated. I present my own “Big Bang Theory”.

Music on this show by Mary Flower, from her CD “Instrumental Breakdown”

This show’s guest announcer is the host of Geek Brief TV – Cali Lewis

(Originally published March 10, 2010)